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More about me and Steve Jobs

I re-read a transcript of his 2005 speech to Standford graduates last night after I heard about his death. I worked with people at Apple from 2004 to 2006 while a product manager for UserLand Software, the company that made the first blogging software, Radio UserLand. I wrote code and traveled to some conferences where I met people that worked with Steve. It was as close as I ever got to meeting him.

Steve Jobs has always held a special place in my personal and professional life. His brand of drive and commitment was something I admired, and in recent years, have forgotten to apply to myself. Like many today, I’ll be remembering stories of previous Apple products and how they affected and continue to affect me.

Without a doubt, I would not be the person am I today without the opportunities and tools that Steve Jobs gave us all.

The Passing of Steve Jobs

There are few left who read my weblog–that’s fine, this one’s for me…

Steve Jobs was someone I dreamed of meeting. His sheer force of will was something I greatly admired and I always thought, “if anyone could beat this, he can.”

Like all of our heroes, Steve was human.

To the man I never met, thank you. You made me a better person and you never asked for anything in return.

A Tale of Two Displays

I now have a second monitor on my desk at home, a 23″ Apple Cinema HD Display from 2005 that my brother left for dead.  He kindly shipped me the monitor and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to diagnose it’s problem.  As it turns out, the power supply is not healthy.  It works, but there’s a catch–you have to short out the ground signal on the cable that connects the power supply to the monitor.  Once that’s done, everything is fine.  It cost me $30 at Best Buy for the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter which allows me to connect a second monitor to our iMac.

I have to say, using two screens is certainly luxurious.  I saves so much time when modifying and opening documents, keeping one open for content and a second open to edit.  Tammy’s going to love it while she’s working on the catalog for the Enamelist Society.

Here’s the bad news:  to be safe, we should buy another power supply to replace the aging 90W that Doug sent.  Most people who posted on Apple’s forums said that the upgraded 150 supply works and solves the problem without hacking the power supply like I did.  That means a $150 purchase–questionable considering you can replace this monitor with a new one from a variety of companies for about $200.  For now, things will stay the way they are.  If the power supply dies, I guess we’ll decide then.

Thanks Doug!