What's up with this? Return of the old enemies from the cold war?

GPS jammer at the Russian Embassy in Baghdad?. This story on the Russian convoy which was shot at after leaving Baghdad contains the following: The business daily Kommersant reported Tuesday that the Russian diplomats had departed from Baghdad only after Secretary of State Colin Powell “repeatedly and persistently”… [The Command Post]

MacOS on Intel Opinion

So is the MacOS running on an Intel (or compatible chip) a good idea? As a technology consumer, I don't see why not. You can argue about the elegance and engineering of the PowerPC vs Pentium all day, but it still comes down to costs. I want to buy Apple technology but pay a competitive price. Will MacOS on Intel do it? Here are some things to consider–pro and con:

–Most computers in the world run on an Intel chip. If the PowerPC disappears from the consumer landscape, that will effectively leave two competitors in the consumer PC chip market –AMD and Intel. I believe this to be bad since a lack of competitive pressure has a negative effect on innovation. Witness the outcome of the breakup of the Bell System in 1984 and the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Without those two events, it is likely that we would not have DSL, cable internet, ubiquitous Internet access or the deep penetration of cell phones.

–Just because Apple might make systems that use Intel chips doesn't mean that BillyBob can buy $400 worth of components and build his own Mac. A Mac will still be made by Apple. No clones, no how, no way. They would just require OpenFirmware on the board vs CMOS/BIOS, right? No license to Dell; what would be the point? In my unscientific opinion, the end use wouldn't see any difference between an Intel-based Mac and a PowerPC-based Mac, execept price and speed. Aqua will only run on a Mac and won't be open sourced. That means that Office X for Mac will only run on a Mac, not a Darwin install running on an old Dell with an nVidia card.

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So a man comes to our door at 9:30 p.m. asking for money for a locksmith. I stepped outside to talk to him, got the 'willies' and sent him on his way. I thought I'd post this info on my weblog just in case I can't remember it later.

Physical description: male, white, late 40's, about 6-5 and thin/medium build, bald on top, salt and pepper hair on the sides and mustache. clean teeth. spoke evenly with a semi-deep voice. Purported to be a Chistian minister with 20 years experience and a counseling office in the plaza towers building. Might have said his name was Paul. New in town, “new neighbor” was his phrase. said he lived at 538, just up the street and locked himself out of his house. He tried three different locksmiths and they all wouldn't let him in unless he had the money upfront ($60). He then said that he was $18 short. I told him that I thought that most locksmiths would let someone in if they could provide proof that they lived there. He dodged the question/statement saying that his driver's license had a PO Box on it for security reasons since he was a christian counselor.

What strikes me now is how quick I was to open the door and step outside to talk. He could have hit me or tried to kidnap me and I wouldn't have been able to do much. Tammy answered the door first, but didn't open it (thank God). This whole thing scared me sh*tless.

That's all for now. I'll post more in the morning if needed.

I've been impressed by the restrained political comments during the Oscars broadcast. I know that the presenters and the “winners' were cautioned not to prattle on about war items, but some have managed to slip some out.

I read a bit of online Oscar coverage, including the attributed from scripting.com “backstage” blog by a person named Ian. What a disappointment. He's backstage and we get a repeat of the winners and what they said. So what.

I just watched Michael Moore make a fool of himself on national TV. Subtract the political content of his acceptance speech and what do you have? Nothing. Just because you got your “15 minutes” of fame doesn't mean you have to prove to the world just how stupid you can be.

RAM is my savior

RAM has saved me from a life of MacOS X frustration. I've got a TiBook/550 (rev 2) that had an original 256MB of RAM installed. I recently ordered and installed a 512MB SO-DIMM from Data Memory Sytems ($94 plus shipping). What a difference this has made! I can now leave Radio running in the background and it doesn't bother me as much. The previously sluggish iApps respond better and better with 768MB of total RAM installed.

Now, if I could figure out why Radio spikes the processor every 5 seconds, I'd be a happy camper.

Fixed, at last!

I've reinstalled Radio several times before consulting the email groups for my answer. Problem: I published on an FTP server, but then decided to switch to the community server. Solution: screwed! The “home” page (public) still showed to my old FTP'd location. I dug through the archives and found the answer by luck after reviewing about 15 messages with ambiguous subjects. The subject of the one with the answer? “Seriously messed up”

My first and foremost complaint about Radio Userland is the poor help for new users and the lack of a knowledge base. Dave Winer, if you are listening, this isn't the empowering and freeing experience your writing makes it out to be. I'm running Radio 8.0.8 on MacOS X, but there's an 8.0.9 beta that is supposed to be very helpful. Where is it? Why no update and download notification?

Feel free, readers, to calibrate me as needed…