RAM is my savior

RAM has saved me from a life of MacOS X frustration. I've got a TiBook/550 (rev 2) that had an original 256MB of RAM installed. I recently ordered and installed a 512MB SO-DIMM from Data Memory Sytems ($94 plus shipping). What a difference this has made! I can now leave Radio running in the background and it doesn't bother me as much. The previously sluggish iApps respond better and better with 768MB of total RAM installed.

Now, if I could figure out why Radio spikes the processor every 5 seconds, I'd be a happy camper.

Fixed, at last!

I've reinstalled Radio several times before consulting the email groups for my answer. Problem: I published on an FTP server, but then decided to switch to the community server. Solution: screwed! The “home” page (public) still showed to my old FTP'd location. I dug through the archives and found the answer by luck after reviewing about 15 messages with ambiguous subjects. The subject of the one with the answer? “Seriously messed up”

My first and foremost complaint about Radio Userland is the poor help for new users and the lack of a knowledge base. Dave Winer, if you are listening, this isn't the empowering and freeing experience your writing makes it out to be. I'm running Radio 8.0.8 on MacOS X, but there's an 8.0.9 beta that is supposed to be very helpful. Where is it? Why no update and download notification?

Feel free, readers, to calibrate me as needed…