Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda – interviewed by Matt Haughey

I read this and now realize why open software and systems are so important. We all stand on the shoulders of the generation before. This is true in EVERY medium. Writers, Artists, Programmers, Engineers. The trend in the last few decades to lock everything down… be it with rivets and welds, or with patents and […]

Don’t pile on Stallman

So Richard Stallman (RMS, father of the free software movement) publishes some guidelines about booking him as a speaker.  The “rider” is excessive in it’s detail and that is pushing several people to poke fun at it.  Before you jump on that bandwagon, try writing down your requirements in the same level of detail and […]

Frontier Lives (again!)

So I have a long history with UserLand Frontier, a scripting and database environment that runs on the Mac and Windows.  I spent some time in 2004 as a product manager for UserLand, trying to shepherd the Radio UserLand blogging tool in the fledgling community.  I wrote my fair share of UserTalk scripts for UserLand […]

Stripes = movie quote gold

Harold Ramis (Recruit): “What happens if I don’t get on the bus?” Sean Young (MP): “Aww, you look like a sensitive, intelligent guy.  Don’t make me have to shoot you.” John Candy: “I hope this is the mess hall–How ya’ doin’ Eisenhower?”  

Scripting News: The RSS community wakes up

Dave Winer: “I don’t ever want to be in a position where to participate in a community you have to support an undocumented API that’s implemented by a single vendor. I’m sure by now we all understand why that is too fragile a foundation to build on.” via Scripting News: The RSS community wakes up.