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Train of thought. I was in the middle of writing a nice rant about metadata and well-structured databases vs. semi-structured markup when my mother rang the doorbell and handed me a large box of baby clothes. (50 words)

BVRDE Source.

Bjarke Viksoe released source code for BVRDE, Win32 IDE for developing UNIX/Linux software which I mentioned before.  Thanks Bjarke.  BVRDE is basically a full GUI front-end to command-line oriented tools running on remote UNIX/Linux boxes.  BVRDE source is a great starting point for Windows IDE projects.  It's written in WTL so your IDE can be lean and fast.

A picture named werbach.jpgKevin Werbach makes a feature request to the universe. Interestingly, the feature he asks for is one UserLand implemented in March 2002, however it's the kind of thing that won't really be useful until most aggregators implement it, and a non-aggregator vendor (a non-profit, possibly) runs the central component. It's also a perfect example of something that was much-discussed during Day 2 at BloggerCon — how to use the powerful communication systems we have to help the users express their wants to software developers. If you want to hear my evangelical plea about this listen to the Fat Man session. I think it's important. The only way we're going to move forward, is if the users are empowered.