This is interesting… Drivel:   Windows is becoming like an…Drivel:  Windows is becoming like an old pair of underpants that you've received too many wedgies in.  At some point, you just have to throw them away. [X-log]

Microsoft steers apps toward collaboration. Microsoft eyes collaboration [InfoWorld: Top News] What have they been doing for the past 15 or so years then?

RAM is my savior RAM has saved me from a life of MacOS X frustration. I've got a TiBook/550 (rev 2) that had an original 256MB of RAM installed. I recently ordered and installed a 512MB SO-DIMM from Data Memory Sytems ($94 plus shipping). What a difference this has made! I can now leave Radio […]

Fixed, at last! I've reinstalled Radio several times before consulting the email groups for my answer. Problem: I published on an FTP server, but then decided to switch to the community server. Solution: screwed! The “home” page (public) still showed to my old FTP'd location. I dug through the archives and found the answer by […]