Daily Archives: January 1, 2019

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What does 2019 mean for me?

It’s been two years since I’ve written here. Part of me thinks that’s kind of sad, but that’s easy to dismiss. I’ve been going through some of my old weblog posts from the Radio UserLand days and it’s hard to pinpoint what changed.

I’ve been through a transition in the last two years. My job has changed enough to barely be the same. The company I work for is in the middle of a ‘down to the studs’ remodel and that’s healthy. I’d say that I’m in the same situation. It’s time to remodel.

The blog will never go away – it’s too much of a part of me to do that – but isn’t 2019 a time to revist the long form of writing? Something that isn’t a soundbite for Facebook or a passing picture for Instagram?

I reinstalled NetNewsWire for the first time in years on a Mac that was left for dead. 2019 is feeling a lot like 2003 and maybe that’s a good thing.