Vintage Audio Gear and Updates

I’ve been working to update my vintage audio gear stack and I had a big score about a week ago.  I was able to score a Grado Gold1 — a high-end cartridge and stylus combo — for about half of it’s normal price.  I quickly moved it to our primary turntable, a Pioneer PL300, and have been thrilled with the results.  It’s got a much warmer tone, and much more definition at the high end of the spectrum.  I plan to move it to a Technics turntable and swap that TT to our main listening setup.

I’m slowly stockpiling some gear to repair and resell.  Springfield lacks any kind of serious vintage audio shop or a place with knowledgeable vinyl experts.  I’m hoping to change that over time, starting with some basic accessories and parts for turntables.  I think I’ll find some folks to survey and get some feedback before making a big jump.

Anyone out there have a turntable and records they play often?