Cleaning up the stragglers

Things I’ve thought of but haven’t posted.

* I killed my old domain name. I didn’t see the point any longer when I already had Plus, I felt like I was stuck with an identity that didn’t mean anything to me any longer.

* I don’t like Facebook and I don’t think I ever will. If you use it and it gives you something positive, then good for you. I’m not a “hater”, I’m just saying I’d rather get an email from you instead of a Facebook update. Put Twitter and Google+ in that heap too. Twitter has changed from what it was into something it had to be. That makes me sad a little.

* I play more Call of Duty on the Xbox compared to Halo–a first in many years. I just traded in CoD: Black Ops for credit towards the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3. I’m actually thinking I’ll rent Halo 4 first before buying it. Seems weird.

* Matt Kerner called me the other day and I haven’t called him back. I’ve been busy and put it off because I want some real time to talk and not a rushed conversation between obligations. Matt, if you’re reading this, I’ll call you Tuesday night next week, OK?

* I sent some CDs home with my parents of jazz music from the 60’s. Shouldn’t that have worked in reverse?

* I’m typing this on a 10 year-old Apple iBook that is refusing to die. It’s a great machine and I’ve thought many times of sending it to the recyclers. I guess it just refuses to quit. I’ve actually thought of replacing the battery and keyboard since both are very worn. The spacebar on the right side in nearly worn through the plastic.