Monthly Archives: May 2011

A Tale of Two Displays

I now have a second monitor on my desk at home, a 23″ Apple Cinema HD Display from 2005 that my brother left for dead.  He kindly shipped me the monitor and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to diagnose it’s problem.  As it turns out, the power supply is not healthy.  It works, but there’s a catch–you have to short out the ground signal on the cable that connects the power supply to the monitor.  Once that’s done, everything is fine.  It cost me $30 at Best Buy for the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter which allows me to connect a second monitor to our iMac.

I have to say, using two screens is certainly luxurious.  I saves so much time when modifying and opening documents, keeping one open for content and a second open to edit.  Tammy’s going to love it while she’s working on the catalog for the Enamelist Society.

Here’s the bad news:  to be safe, we should buy another power supply to replace the aging 90W that Doug sent.  Most people who posted on Apple’s forums said that the upgraded 150 supply works and solves the problem without hacking the power supply like I did.  That means a $150 purchase–questionable considering you can replace this monitor with a new one from a variety of companies for about $200.  For now, things will stay the way they are.  If the power supply dies, I guess we’ll decide then.

Thanks Doug!

Birthday Again

So it’s time for my birthday again and I’ve been asked for some ideas. This year, I would like to buy a Kindle, mainly to replace buying hardcover Cisco study books. I’d love it if everyone would get BestBuy gift cards as that would allow me to buy the Kindle and make up the difference on my own. There are plenty of other fun gifts to ask for, but of all of the things I need, the Kindle fits the bill. I guess it falls in to the category–something I want/need but won’t buy on my own–but I’ll probably buy anyway.

I know this sounds a little weird to announce on my blog, but I know many of my family reads this so I’ll make it easy on everyone. I’m not normally a gift card kind of guy, but just this once, I’d like to ask for an exception. OK?