Blowing Off Steam

I’ve been playing a lot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 lately.  It’s a fun way to blow off steam and bleed stress at the end of the day.  Yesterday the MW2 “Stimulus Package” came out, a group of new multiplayer maps to explore.  I got the maps downloaded and installed without issue and played for about an hour.  It was certainly fun if not frustrating.  New maps mean new place to hide and I got wiped out plenty times when I forgot to check my corners.

I’ve hit level 64 and that opened up new weapons and challenges to make the final push to Commander.  After almost six months the game is still fun to play and I haven’t even tried the challenges or even a redo of the single player campaign.  This is going to make the upcoming Halo: Reach beta a tough choice–will I split my time?  Probably so.  I mean, it’s Halo and I’ve got a fond nostalgia for the game.

See you online!  My gamer tag is “houseofwarwick”.