Try writing three paragraphs o…

Try writing three paragraphs of five sentences each, describing your favorite meal. See if you have the skills of a HS freshman.

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  1. Yellow curry tempts me time and time again. I try to resist, and yet it draws me in. When I lived in Springfield, I could very rarely pass Thai Peppers without and instant craving. The number of the establishment remains in my phone though I have moved far away. I hope to use that number again in the future.

    The yellow color is the first thing that one notices upon presentation of the dish. It is not a pale buttercup, rather a vivid, crayola – sun yellow. The medly of vegetables add another level of brilliance to the visual appeal. The green and red peppers pop against the very bright backdrop of the curry. The tofu, smacks of blandness and yet denies this reaction merely by its presence in the sauce.

    The taste of the yellow curry is one of spicey and sweet. The texture of the sauce is smooth and creamy, hinting at the generous use of coconut milk. Bursts of sweet fruit interrupt the interplay of the curry and coconut as you bite into generous portions of pineapple chunks. The crisp vegetables intermingle with the other flavors to provide a fresh sensation and texture. My tastebuds feel a sense of satisfaction and joy as the flavors work in harmony. Fin.

    Oh crap Steve! I want some right now! Hey, does that first paragraph count?

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