Tweets on 2008-11-06

  • @kerner I’m with you–KY3 needs to get it together. KOLR10 made it work. in reply to kerner #
  • so far all of the votes are for “short” on the hair. I have to get a note from like three people to get my hair cut. Six months to grow back #
  • @kerner you’re crazy! Who shaves their head? 🙂 in reply to kerner #
  • @r how could anyone -not- go vote with such a historic oppty facing us all? in reply to r #
  • @kerner Dare I say President Obama? in reply to kerner #
  • Gas in Ozark was $1.89 tonight. Wow! #
  • 9:30PM and Obama is leading by a million votes. Still not at 270 yet. #
  • Staying up until McCain concedes. #
  • All networks calling the race with Obama the winner. Wow! #
  • McCain shows a little more than the minimum sincerity required for a concession speech. #
  • Staying up to hear President-Elect Obama speak. #
  • Chinese buffet for lunch==sleepytime #

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