BlogTag: FiveThings by Bill

bbum’s weblog-o-mat: “I have had a lot of near misses. See #2 (and #3, for that matter). Stuff just seems to happen around me and I generally manage to land on my feet. I have been within 100 feet of lightning strikes 5 times, I have seen 4 tornados in person, I have been in about a dozen car accidents, a handful of nasty bike accidents (stitches, etc), broken my arm and ankle, had stitches on my knee and hand (twice, iirc), torn up my ankles badly enough to require crutches several times, have watched a lamp randomly explode in flames in our house, have very nearly blinded myself with hot solder twice, have been in two major floods, been in swarms of locusts (twice — midwest — hard to call it a plague, though I bet the farmers would have disagreed), lost a family house to a hurricane (Ivan), been attacked by poisonous snakes twice (dog saved me once, I jumped in time the other), been stung by a jellyfish badly enough to end up in the emergency room, etc…”