Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q

I just finished eating the Sampler Platter at Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q in Cuba, Missouri. Situated on a bend of the Mother Road, Route 66, MO Hick is a ‘must stop’ each time I go to St. Louis. Most times I’m passing when it’s either too soon or too late to catch a meal, but tonight I hit it just right: dinnertime!

The black cat on the on the front porch should have warned me, though. I got inside to find out that the pork shoulder and corned beef were wiped out at lunch. Instead, I went withe Sampler with extra ribs in place of the pulled pork.

Disappointing is the first word that pops in to my head. The ribs and brisket were overdone, signalling that they were leftovers from lunch and not ‘stagger smoked’ to prep for dinner. On the otherhand, it looked great! I snapped a photo for everyone’s enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q

  1. I wish we had BBQ up here. BBQ in New England exists in only two places, my 40″ offset firebox smoker and Holy Smokes BBQ restaurant in Hatfield MA.

    BBQ in the Boston area is defined as oven-roasted meat with some sort of syrupy sauce poured on it.

  2. That’s so sad. I figure I could make some good cash by smoking ribs in the summer and selling them from a peddler’s cart, but Tammy won’t let me.

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