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Greek Night Prep: Pita Bread

Pita bread is not a PITA–it’s actually quite easy. I’m using a Cook’s Illustrated recipe that involves 2 parts white and 1 part wheat flour, with honey, salt, yeast and water as the binding ingredients. So far it’s turned out well and I’m waiting for the last rise to go before forming and cooking.

Since I don’t want to turn on our main oven and heat the whole house, I’m doing the baking on the Weber Q200 I bought about a month ago. It heats up to over 500 degrees and it will make two at a time a snap.

WWDC Predictions by reading Apple's history

I’m not a professional software programmer. I don’t have years of Apple or Macintosh programming experience. That said, I’d like to offer some predictions of things we’ll see at Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference. I base the predictions on hours of reading writeups of the Apple/NeXT merger and my recent foray into learning Objective-C:

1. Xcode 2.4/3.0 with the ability to compile for Windows.
2. Dashboard widget development environment.
3. MacPro desktop announcement.
4. gains a tabbed interface.

The first one on the list is easy since NeXT had a library of code for Windows years ago. You can bet hard cash that if they’ve been running MacOS X on bastardized Intel motherboards for 5 years, they’ve got Cocoa libraries for Windows. Add the defacto endorsement of Parallels Workstation you have a developer’s wet dream: Mac and Windows apps using roughly the same code base all developed and tested on a single piece of hardware.

The second one on the list is easy to see: the WebKit open source project has been compiling a javascript debugger for about a month and distributing it in nightly builds. The only thing left is a unified app with that code and a good user interface.

Third is obvious too–Intel announced new processors recently and that’s similar to what happened when the iMac with Core Duo was announced.

Fourth is more of a stretch because you have to read the tea leaves of the descriptions of WebKit code commits. When the developers upload new code, they generally put a note of some kind in the code management system that will help them remember why they did it. I’m having trouble finding the right one or two that said this, but the gist was fixes concerned tabs opened in Mail.


Just Eat It

Tammy rats us out…

“Confession time here. Last night I had the most nutritionally void dinner on the planet. I had a pint of craft beer, 4 potato skins and a 3 Musketeers bar. Yes, that was my dinner. What am I, in college? I don’t think I ate that badly when I was in school. Guess sometimes, you just have to eat crap and enjoy it – which I did!”

I had two beers, the same potato skins and a Butterfinger Crisp bar. Tomorrow night–pizza!

Safari to add email?

I’ve been reading the code commits for the WebKit project and they hint at two things: tabs in and Safari and will merge.

You heard it here first, folks.

Update: I’m trying to find the notes for the code commits that put this together.

Cocoa Programming Book Has Arrived

Aaron Hillegass wrote a Cocoa programming book for developers new to Objective C back in 2001. It’s amazingly relevant and accurate today even though the second edition is much more appropriate for Xcode.

I just finished the first tutorial and I can confirm that the book is as good as everyone says. It’s very readable even by someone like me with no formal C programming classes or degree.

Anyone want a [random number generator](

What about old Radio UserLand content?

Statistical analysis says that only Google cares about my old Radio-related content, with few exceptions. I’ll go through my logs in detail next week and move some static content about Radio to static pages here. If I get mod_rewrite working, the Apache god living in my server will redirect people automatically.

A switch to WordPress

[Matt Kerner]( and I talked by phone today and we agree: it’s time to switch to [WordPress]( I’m looking to simplify my life and working with a DIY weblog editor (like Radio UserLand or the OPML Editor) isn’t keeping me sane. WordPress took only a short time to set up and works like a champ. I can remotely post and (with some extra software) have an offline copy too.