Monthly Archives: May 2019


Tonight was about expressions.  Some were obvious but others more subtle.  A longtime friend came over to help Tammy with some things for a project so I took the opportunity to cook.  Cooking has always been part of a my love language, something that came from my family.

I found a recipe online that used up some freezer food and that sent me to the store for more goodies.  When done, everyone raved and even I took the time to thank myself.  Mission accomplished.

The way we express our love, approval, discontent and even frustration is something that’s different from person to person.  Shelves of books and hours of recordings are devoted to the psychology behind how we express our emotions.  I’ve discovered in my life and relationships, there’s no one consistent way I express approval.  Vexing me for years, I’ve tried to uncover standards and practices but finding it past my grasp.  I’m willing to give up the chase and trade it for moments of being present.

Sometimes success is simply showing up and when it comes to relationships, add ‘being present’ to the list.  Tonight while cooking a meal, it became obvious that being present was key.  With my wife working late with our friend, the simple act of making dinner demonstrated much more than a chance to eat.  I caught myself looking across the bowls of shrimp gumbo, smiling inwardly, knowing the expression was successful.