Monthly Archives: December 2010

Domain Updates

I added my domain to my weblog (finally) and made it the primary way to get to this blog. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for quite awhile and WordPress made it easy. It’s also time to update my online resume too. I’ll work on that from home later.

Christmas Melancholy

Christmastime each year is an emotional conflict, a battle between the memories of the past and the hope for a new future. Christmas songs sometimes help and hurt, but today, I’m skipping my daily regimen of episodes of “24” while working. Instead it will be Pandora sending me Christmas variety and I’ll see how I end up by 5PM.

We’ll be spending the Christmas holiday with Tammy’s sister and her family this year, again braving the tundra that is Iowa in December. There’s really nothing quite like watching two adorable nieces open gifts and be beside themselves with joy.

Merry Christmas all!