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Panic Coda Serial Number

If you’re coming here on a search for Panic Coda serial number, you’re lame. Buy the software and reward someone’s efforts instead of stealing. Just because you want something “real bad” doesn’t mean it’s OK to use a cracked serial number.

I bought it and so should you.

You Gotta Have Friends

Tammy Kirks: “As they saying goes, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’ That became very true on Saturday morning when Valerie called us to say she was going to an auction that had a Heywood-Wakefield dining room set we might be interested in.”

That’s so true. Click the link above for more, including two great photos of our dining room with the table. Also, we’ve got our old table up for sale and I’ll work on photos of that later this week…

Playing the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta

I’ve had a chance to play a few games of the Halo 3 MP Beta and it’s been a blast. It’s like Halo but better, much like the differences between creamy and crunchy peanut butter. The button layout is still taking some time to get burned in to my habits, but I can see where it makes for better play.

The maps are balanced but still a tad large for thr typical 6-8 person matchup. In Slayer games, it gives you some breathing room to walk aeound the map and learn the weapon placement and hiding places. I’ve only been matched to High Ground and Snowbound–waiting for Valhalla.

Mark Pilgram, IBM and Lost Innocence

dive into mark: “After it was filed, I got a $1500 bonus in my next paycheck. I saw the money and cried. I swore I would donate the money to the EFF Patent Busting Project, but it too got swallowed up by food and medical expenses and daycare and an unexpected tax payment and yes, mortgage payments. At our next quarterly all-hands meeting, my boss’s boss’s boss called me out specifically for a job well done on my first patent. I put the phone on mute and cried some more.”

Tweets on 2007-05-11

  • I’m living in a Microsoft world: CRM, Sharepoint, Project, Office. #
  • Wishing I could be drinking good coffee right now instead of Folgers. Folgers is German for “tastes like ass” #
  • watching the Halo 3 Betalicious video #
  • Listening to The Romantics “Talking In Your Sleep” #

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