HOW TO – Fashion Sketch

For [Tammy’s]( benefit…

MAKE Magazine Blog: “Although there’s no geek girl this season on Project Runway 3, Katherine Gerdes, a graduate of RISDI (just like Diana Eng), has put up a tutorial on her blog on how to draw a basic croquis and create a portfolio of poses you like.”


Cocoa Programming Book Has Arrived

Aaron Hillegass wrote a Cocoa programming book for developers new to Objective C back in 2001. It’s amazingly relevant and accurate today even though the second edition is much more appropriate for Xcode.

I just finished the first tutorial and I can confirm that the book is as good as everyone says. It’s very readable even by someone like me with no formal C programming classes or degree.

Anyone want a [random number generator](

What about old Radio UserLand content?

Statistical analysis says that only Google cares about my old Radio-related content, with few exceptions. I’ll go through my logs in detail next week and move some static content about Radio to static pages here. If I get mod_rewrite working, the Apache god living in my server will redirect people automatically.

A switch to Wordpress

[Matt Kerner]( and I talked by phone today and we agree: it’s time to switch to [WordPress]( I’m looking to simplify my life and working with a DIY weblog editor (like Radio UserLand or the OPML Editor) isn’t keeping me sane. WordPress took only a short time to set up and works like a champ. I can remotely post and (with some extra software) have an offline copy too.